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Right of Way Use Permit


Any person or utility excavating, boring, changing the natural drainage course, or obstructing free flow of traffic along any public right-of-way within Yarrow Point shall, prior to the commencement of any such work, secure a Right-of -way Use Permit. The minimum fee is $537.50.
The Town Engineer has the right to require any applicant to provide a cash deposit. These monies shall be held by the Town in an effort to guarantee restoration of the public right-of-way to an original or better condition. When required, the cash deposit shall be calculated by the applicant based on the scope of work proposed, and verified by the Town Engineer. A check made payable to the Town of Yarrow Point shall be delivered to the Town Clerk prior to the commencement of any activity. These monies shall be retained by the Town for a period of one year following completion of the work involved. In the event that said work requires special inspection by the Town Engineer, and said inspection costs exceed the fee established by the Council, the cost of such inspection shall be deducted from the cash deposit.
If you have any questions about what triggers a Right of Way permit or would like help with your application, please call the us at 425-454-6994 and we will gladly assist you.


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