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 IF                                                          THEN

I’m completely replacing a deck Yes, a Building Permit.
I’m remodeling my kitchen  IF walls are moved or structure is changed then Yes, a Building Permit.
I’m adding a fence or replacing my roof Yes, Fence or Roof Permit.
I’m installing a new A/C Unit   Yes, Mechanical Permit.
My hot water tank needs replacing Yes, Mechanical Permit.
My home is within 150ft of shoreline Most Likely. Call Town Hall.
I’m replacing my driveway  Yes, Site Development Permit.
I’m painting my house or replacing trim  No permit required.
I’m just doing a lot of landscaping IF 750 SQFT are disturbed, then Yes, Site Development Permit.
I’m building a garden or tool shed No permit required. Check Town Zoning Code.
I’m building a play structure  No permit required. Check Town Zoning Code.



Can I remove a tree on my property without a permit?

The Town does not regulate trees on private property therefore, no permit is required.

Can I remove a tree if it straddles a property line?

You can remove the tree with the consent of the other property owner. If no agreement is reached, you can only trim and maintain your side of the tree.

Can I remove a tree in the public Right-Of Way?

Town Hall has developed a procedure to evaluate whether or not ROW trees can be removed. Please contact Town Hall.

What is the difference between a hedge and a fence?

A hedge exists when a row of two or more trees, shrubs, or other plants constitute a barrier in excess of six linear feet and establish a boundary, or hinder free passage of humans or animals on the surface of ground, or obscure vision, or baffle sound. (YPMC 17.08.010).

The height of a hedge is mutually agreed upon by bordering neighbors. A fence, freestanding wall, retaining wall, or rockery shall not exceed six feet in height above the finished grade (YPMC 17.12.030).

No fence or hedge shall be permitted which will impair the visibility for vehicular traffic as determined by the Town Engineer.

My neighbor definitely has a hedge, what do I do if I think it is too high?

Do your best to come up with a mutually agreeable solution. The Town’s code enforcement officer only gets involved as a last resort.



Can I landscape all the way to the road (between the property line and edge of pavement)?

Anything other than grass, grass-Crete, gravel, and asphalt is considered an “encroachment” and requires an Encroachment Agreement granted by the Town in order to be installed.

Can I have a free-standing pagoda?

The Town requires all mailboxes to be part of a pagoda. If there is no space on
the pagoda, please contact the Town for help.

How can I locate my sewer or water service?

Our water and sewer systems are maintained by the City of Bellevue. They will provide this information at your request.

A stop-sign is down, what can I do?

Please contact Town Hall immediately and we will replace the sign. If it is on a weekend or after hours, please contact Clyde Hill Police Department.



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